What is the membership year?

NCSLMA's membership year runs from January 1- December 31.

Where do I find my membership number?

To find your member number:

  • log in to NCSLMA.org
  • click on your name (found under the site search bar)
  • Your member number is in two places:
  • your membership card found at the top of the page
  • scroll down the page to find you USER ID (membership) number

    I need a copy of your W-9.

    A copy of our W-9 is linked on the bottom of each page on the website. 

    My financial secretary needs a copy of my invoice. Where is can I get one?

    To find your invoice on ncslma.org:

    • log onto the site
    • click on your name (under the search box)
    • Between My Profile and Membership details, you will find a row of links
    • click on the invoices and payments link
    • click on the needed invoice

    My membership dues check was sent to the wrong address (or got lost in the mail). 

        • You'll need to ask the person responsible for your check to send a new one to the address in Black Mountain. This address is at the bottom of all pages on the website and on every invoice. 
        • Some districts require a notarized affidavit that a check was not received. Unfortunately, this is not something we can accomplish since we are all school librarians working full time in our own schools. 

    I don't know my region.

    To find your region, go to the Regions main page. Scroll down the page and you will find a Regions Map. Under that is a county listing for each region. 

    I don't remember my password.

    • Click on the log in button in the upper right-hand corner of the main page.
    • Put in your work or personal email
    • Then click the FORGOT PASSWORD link.

    If you work or personal email doesn't seem to be working, please try the other one before setting up a new account. 

    How do I change my membership information?

    • Log into your account 
    • Click on your NAME found under the upper right search bar. 
    • Under MY PROFILE, you'll find an EDIT PROFILE button that will give you editing access to your information

    Why have I been double billed for membership?

    When members come back to the site and try to use another email address, we've found that sometimes they set up a second account. It's actually the second account that's being billed. If this happens to you, please email lauraaldridge@ncslma.org so the accounts can be merged.  

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