Newsletter submission guidelines

Write for us! NCSLMA’s monthly newsletter is a showcase of what’s happening in school libraries across North Carolina. In addition, newsletters are frequently shared at the national level through AASL groups. It’s a great place to share what’s happening in your library.

Who is eligible to write

You must be an NCSLMA member to write for News & Notes; however, the newsletter is shared widely. 

Topics may include:

  • Collaboration with other staff members
  • Library programming
  • Lessons -- especially those with connections to AASL Standards
  • Technology solutions
  • Adaptations for distance/remote learning
  • Tutorials
  • Author information
  • Book reviews
  • Ways you have made your library inclusive
  • Independent book store collaborations
  • Information you are passionate about

Ready to submit?

  • Send links to materials to Kenisha Smith,, with NCSLMA Newsletter Contribution in the subject line
  • Make sure you have opened sharing rights before sending.  
  • Materials are due by the 28th of each month for possible submission in the next month’s issue. The deadline in February will be 2/26. Items submitted after that will be considered for the next month's edition. 

  • Each submission should include:
    • Title
    • Byline
    • Your position and school
  • Please keep materials under 1000 words.  300-500 is preferable.
  • We want your images! If you have photos and or graphics, please make sure they are in PNG format. Screenshots of social media will not be accepted, but a well-made graphic of the same material may be.
  • If your material has been published on the internet before, please include the link to the original so we can refer to the original source.
  • Do not send:
    • PDFs
    • Heavily formatted text (keep it simple with bold, italics, underlining)
    • Anything in a table

    Please double check your work before submission for:

    • Spelling mistakes
    • Poor sentence structure
    • Grammatical errors
    • Content that clearly lines up with title
    • Proper credit given for other’s ideas/work
    • Inclusion of your social media links
    • Material is copy and paste ready 
    • All editing must be done before submission.

    We look forward to reading your submission!

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