2016-2017 NCSLMA Read 2 Succeed Recipient : Chelsea Brantley, Nags Head Elementary

The Read 2 Succeed grant provided by NCSLMA greatly improved instruction and student learning at Nags Head Elementary school this year. The grant funded a project called “Making Money in Media: Entrepreneurship & The Lemonade War”. This was a collaborative effort between Chelsea Brantley, Media Coordinator, and Katie Blanchard, 3rd grade teacher.

This grant helped teachers improve students’ digital competencies, while also teaching the 3rd grade math and social studies curriculum. There is a need for more collaboration between the media coordinator and classroom teachers, and this project demonstrates student success with these individuals working together. Both parties wanted to extend the 3rd grade study of The Lemonade War to include components beyond Language Arts and Social Studies. So, the teachers planned a unit that turned their students into young entrepreneurs.

In this process, students had to explore a new literary genre: how-to books; then, they had to research a product that they could create and sell in an online marketplace. After coming up with an idea, students then had to write a business plan that would determine the costs involved with opening their businesses. During this phase, the students learned about start-up costs, profit, expenses, supply and demand. They were required to calculate their cost per unit, price per unit, and profit per unit.

After they determined this essential information, students were able to start production, and the library turned into one huge makerspace! Students brought all necessary supplies and began making their products. When products were complete, they began to discuss advertising and digital media. Students were taught how to write a script for a commercial that would showcase their products. They wrote their scripts, and afterwards, began the technology component: making commercials using the app Green Screen by Do Ink.

When the commercials were finished, it was finally time for the entrepreneur showcase. All students would show their commercial, give a quick sales pitch, and set up a booth to sell their products. Each class member was give $10 in “media money” to shop in an online marketplace. As students shopped, the entrepreneurs had to track their sales. At the end of the showcase, each group had to calculate their total profit. The most profitable group was rewarded with a certificate, marking their achievement.

Overall, this project covered many disciplines and set the stage for instructional collaboration with the media coordinator. Brantley is so thankful for the support form NCSLMA to make this project happen, as the grant provided the resources needed to make the unit a success! She encourages other NCSLMA members give this project a try and is happy to answer any questions regarding the endeavor at [email protected].

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