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Twitter on Thursdays Preview 1/28/2016

This month we are discussing mid-year reflections and purposeful planning for the rest of the year. January is a “turn-over month” - new year, new semester, but we still have a ways to go. Many of us are asked to review our PDP and face mid-year reviews with our administrators, and additionally self-examine what we want to accomplish by June. So let’s share some ways these important tasks can be done with librarians across the state!

At our #NCSLMA15 conference in October, media specialist Robin Rhodes presented a session called, “If you build it, they will come: Building advocacy with web tools.” In this session, she discussed ways that teens are drawn into using the media center at West Wilkes High, collaborative opportunities with teachers, and ways that she shares data and instructional highlights with administrators and other stakeholders. Because of the many awesome examples she shared, your social media co-chairs asked her to guest-moderate the #NCSLMAchat on reflection, so members can see the connection between reflection and advocacy.

If you’re new to Twitter chats, read up on the “how-to’s” here.

Please note that this is meant to be interactive! If you have examples or ideas to share, please send them in via email at [email protected] or on twitter, @NCSLMA. We hope to build up this post with many different ways librarians across the state reflect, advocate, and plan!


 Meet our guest moderator for the #NCSLMAchat on 1/28, Robin Rhodes:


The Twitter version: High school teacher librarian, previously elementary, middle school, public library, university adjunct.  Presenter at NCTIES and NCSLMA. Love teen, tech, books, learning, laughing.

The 921 version: I am currently the media coordinator at West Wilkes High School, located in the foothills of the Appalachians.  During the course of my career, I have worked in public schools with all grades PreK-12, served as youth services and reference librarian at the local public library, and taught the reference class in ASU's MLS graduate program.  I am passionate about making my media program and spaces the very best they can be to help my students and staff. I'm also a goofball who likes to play jokes and laugh a lot.



We want to get you reflecting on reflection, find purpose in your planning, and advocate through action! Do you have an observation coming up? Need to update your PDP? Maybe you’ve fallen in a slump and need to reenergize for the rest of the year. Our #NCSLMAchat should give you ideas on best/new reflection practices, how to advocate for your school library, and making plans for the remaining school year!



It may seem that we are getting ahead of ourselves posing questions a week early, but we hope members come to the Thursday 1/28 Twitter chat ready to share great ideas and examples. Please have photos, links, or other artifacts ready to share, or if you are joining the chat seeking new ideas, feel free to send in what you put to use at a later time. See below for some of Robin's examples to get you inspired.

Question 1: @NCSLMA



Question 2: @rjsrhodes

Robin’s Example:  QR code I post all over the school that has a link to a Google form:

Question 3: @rjsrhodes

Robin’s Example: Tech the Halls Door Decorating Contest- Teachers decorate doors showing how they integrate technology, admins judge doors. Winners get an extra planning period during which I teach web tool integrated with any subject.‚Äč

Question 4: @rjsrhodes

Robin’s Example 2nd nine weeks report to my admins. Form is based on media coordinator evaluation tool:


Question 5: @NCSLMA



Learn more from Robin Rhodes:

She has a great, informative web site:

Or here:

The Powtoon presentation, "If You Build It, They Will Come:  Building Advocacy With Web Tools" is on the data page.

On Twitter: @jrsrhodes

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