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Friday Faves: December 2015 edition

Happy Friday before a looong holiday break! As many of us use this time to recharge for the new year, we wanted to share some resources that members shared with NCSLMA for you to explore and consider using in 2016. 
The purpose of our monthly Friday Faves is to share member-submitted resources, articles, and ideas that you want to share with your librarian colleagues! Please use the link anytime to share something you've come across or use regularly - this blog is your opportunity to get your voice heard across the state!



Member submission:

Free nonpartisan site that covers both sides of current issues students are researching, 2016 Presidential election and teacher resources.



2 Member submission:

This website is all about researching the "Why" behind things. It is a perfect research station that will help meet so many different standards.  

Wonderopolis is a wonderful website that helps promote questioning and researching. This website works for any subject and all grades.



Member submission:

As my seniors say during Graduation Project research writing time, "it does everything but write the final paper."



Member submission:

It is a fun interactive way to review with your students. The music and fast pace of the game keeps the students highly engaged.

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