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Friday Faves - October 30, 2015

Welcome to our first Friday Faves post! We hope to get MORE submissions of some of the favorite resources BY members using them: articles, apps, blogs, websites, etc. It's as easy as going to, telling us the name of your resource, and why you like it. That's it! We will find a photo (if necessary) and do the grunt work of posting & promoting it. You don't have to wait until we call out for submissions on social media - the link to open for recommendations at any time! If you want to tweet or post on Facebook how you use one of these resources, we'll be sure to share with members so we can help you grow your PLN & gather new ideas.


Need to engage students? Infographics are a fun & creative way to demonstrate knowledge. This website can be used across grade levels and subjects. Free subscription!



@Amitchell828 is a great tool to curate or share websites, videos, photos and more that can be used as an interactive toolbox for students (or teachers!). Below is a screenshot & link to one I’ve used for Virtual Field trips - I’ve presented to teachers on it & shared the resource so they can have the links, but I also use it as an inquiry tool, where students are free to explore whatever “Destination” interests them.



Need to make charts for a report? Want to make up a visual graph for a lesson? Need students to learn how to use various types of charts? lets you customize many types of charts and graphs for any curriculum or discipline. Design, enter the data, label it, and display digitally or download to your computer.  



Participate Learning (formerly known as AppoLearning)

This is an awesome curation tool on the Web that allows users to make collections of resources. You name the collection, give it a short description and begin adding resources. Resources can include Web tools, uploaded files, videos, etc...Each resource also allows you to add a unique description. My favorite part about this tool is that you can add collaborators to collections. I recently created a collection for an English teacher on using the Serial Podcast. I added her as a collaborator so that she can add her own resources to the collection. Once you finish a collection, you can share it via a link or by embedding it into a site, blog, etc. The best part - it’s totally free! Here’s the link to the Teaching with Serial Podcast collection I made.


WeVideo - Video Editing Web Platform

This is my favorite tool for editing and creating videos! It’s very easy to use and works great on our Chromebooks. I use it a lot when I do app smashes - I create unique clips using various apps and then put them all together into a video using the WeVideo editor. You’re able to download the videos after you’ve finished your project and then they can be shared, uploaded, etc.

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