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#NCSLMAchat 2/24/2016 Diversity in the School Library

On Wednesday, February 24 at 8pm EST we will meet to discuss the topic of diversity in school libraries. 

Come prepared with favorite titles, programs, and/or projects that you use for Culturally Relevant Teaching in your schools. 

This quote, that perfectly fits our #NCSLMAchat theme this month, comes from Diverse Books Need Us on American Libraries by Sanhita SinhaRoy; June 2015. 

Some resources to consider on diversity in libraries, social justice in literature, and culturally relevant teaching:
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Twitter on Thursdays Preview 1/28/2016

This month we are discussing mid-year reflections and purposeful planning for the rest of the year. January is a “turn-over month” - new year, new semester, but we still have a ways to go. Many of us are asked to review our PDP and face mid-year reviews with our administrators, and additionally self-examine what we want to accomplish by June. So let’s share some ways these important tasks can be done with librarians across the state!

At our #NCSLMA15 conference in October, media specialist Robin Rhodes presented a session called, “If you build it, they will come: Building advocacy with web tools.” In this session, she discussed ways that teens are drawn into using the media center at West Wilkes High, collaborative opportunities with teachers, and ways that she shares data and instructional highlights with administrators and other stakeholders. Because of the many awesome examples she shared, your social media co-chairs asked her to guest-moderate the #NCSLMAchat on reflection, so members can see the connection between reflection and advocacy.

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Twitter on Thursdays Preview 11/19/2015

In light of the article posted in Charlotte Observer, Are School Librarians Going the Way of the Milkman? (, we want to continue the conversation that has ignited passionate responses in our school library community.

On the flip side, Scholastic re-launched its School Libraries Work campaign, which provides stakeholders and the community-at-large with reports about the positive effects that licensed, full-time media specialists have on student achievement. Visit this link, to receive your report.

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Twitter on Thursdays Preview for 9/24/2015

Our first Thursdays on Twitter post will give you some information about the upcoming NCSLMA conference in October. This post will preview the guests we have joining us for the chat, which will be next Thursday, September 24, and resources to make anyone new to Twitter more comfortable participating in the chat. Each time we host a Twitter chat, we will post helpful information about the theme the Thursday before the actual chat.

If you missed our last blog, please go back and get acquainted with your new NCSLMA social media co-chairs, Tavia Clark and Mollee Holloman. We are revamping the way members interact with NCSLMA through our blog and on Twitter. Be sure to follow @NCSLMA on Twitter before our 9/24 chat, and also @Tavia_Clark and @MolleeBranden.

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