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Friday Faves - October 30, 2015

Welcome to our first Friday Faves post! We hope to get MORE submissions of some of the favorite resources BY members using them: articles, apps, blogs, websites, etc. It's as easy as going to, telling us the name of your resource, and why you like it. That's it! We will find a photo (if necessary) and do the grunt work of posting & promoting it. You don't have to wait until we call out for submissions on social media - the link to open for recommendations at any time! If you want to tweet or post on Facebook how you use one of these resources, we'll be sure to share with members so we can help you grow your PLN & gather new ideas.


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Come chat with us: #nctlchat

Come chat -- and blog -- with us at #nctlchat

As teacher librarians, we know the power of connecting and building a strong personal learning network. If you're looking for a way to make connections with other NC Media Specialists, #nctlchat is a weekly Twitter chat held every Sunday from 7:30-8:30 EST, hosted by North Carolina teacher-librarians Sedley Abercrombie, Chris Tuttle, Lisa Milstead, and Jen Baker.  The topics vary each week and cover a wide range of topics. This year #nctlchat will host a special challenge. If you've been wanting to start a blog, or if you have one that has been somewhat neglected, #nctlchat has an opportunity for you!  Join other teacher-librarians (and librarians-at-heart) to blog twice a month between September 2014 and June 2015. We'll encourage one another, suggest topics, and build community while also giving ourselves a space to reflect on our own practices and share what is going on in our libraries

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