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2015-16 NCSLMA Action Research Grant recipient Karen Maxon - part 2

Come see Action Research Grant recipient, Karen Maxon at #NCSLMA16 from 3:00-3:50 on Friday in "Terrace 3"

Have your students mastered the art of gathering superficial facts? Are they experts at copying pictures from the Internet and pasting them into a Google Slides presentation? Then, it's time to cultivate their research skills. We did Action Research to determine if growth mindset partnered with the Big6 could engage students in a deeper cognitively demanding depth of knowledge when researching. Come to our session Researcher, Researcher How Does Your Brain Grow? and see how collaboration among teachers and the media specialist grew this concept to an entire grade level last year and planted seeds across all content area curriculum for this year!


2015-16 NCSLMA Action Research Grant recipient Karen Maxon - part 1

Do you ever wonder how to really help students in the research process?  It seems that I am always wrestling with this professional goal.   My most recent grapple has been the 2015-16 NCSLMA Action Research Grant Rugby Raider Researcher, How Does Your Brain Grow.  The grant focuses on using the cognitive demands of the research process as an avenue to help students develop a growth mindset.  My objective is to investigate if applying a growth mindset will increase students’ emotional resilience during the research process.  My hope is that students will show increased persistence and adaptability in the pursuit of information when completing projects that require depth in their learning.

As I mentioned, it is a professional passion of mine that “research” be synonymous with the process of focusing topics, developing questions, seeking, evaluating, and citing credible sources, and synthesizing information into something that is uniquely a student’s own creation.  I fervently want research to mean more to teachers and students than Google searching, copying, and pasting, none of which requires any meaningful engaged “think time” or ownership of synthesizing information.

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#NCSLMAchat 2/24/2016 Diversity in the School Library

On Wednesday, February 24 at 8pm EST we will meet to discuss the topic of diversity in school libraries. 

Come prepared with favorite titles, programs, and/or projects that you use for Culturally Relevant Teaching in your schools. 

This quote, that perfectly fits our #NCSLMAchat theme this month, comes from Diverse Books Need Us on American Libraries by Sanhita SinhaRoy; June 2015. 

Some resources to consider on diversity in libraries, social justice in literature, and culturally relevant teaching:
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Friday Faves: February 2016 Edition | Things to Make a Librarian's Heart Flutter



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Twitter on Thursdays Preview 1/28/2016

This month we are discussing mid-year reflections and purposeful planning for the rest of the year. January is a “turn-over month” - new year, new semester, but we still have a ways to go. Many of us are asked to review our PDP and face mid-year reviews with our administrators, and additionally self-examine what we want to accomplish by June. So let’s share some ways these important tasks can be done with librarians across the state!

At our #NCSLMA15 conference in October, media specialist Robin Rhodes presented a session called, “If you build it, they will come: Building advocacy with web tools.” In this session, she discussed ways that teens are drawn into using the media center at West Wilkes High, collaborative opportunities with teachers, and ways that she shares data and instructional highlights with administrators and other stakeholders. Because of the many awesome examples she shared, your social media co-chairs asked her to guest-moderate the #NCSLMAchat on reflection, so members can see the connection between reflection and advocacy.

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Friday Faves: January 2016 Edition

It's time again for Friday Faves! This month, we have a curated mix of tools, resources and online articles for you.
Member submissions are noted.

If you'd like to get involved and submit a tool, resource, article, blog post, etc to be featured in an upcoming Friday Faves blog post, please use the NCSLMA Blog Submission form.

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Media Monday - Meet Brandon Robbins, Media Coordinator at Goldsboro High School

Each month, we feature a column called Media Monday, in which we highlight an NCSLMA member who is a Media Coordinator or a specific Media Center. Today, we have a guest post by Brandon Robbins, Media Coordinator at Goldsboro High School. In 2015, Brandon received a grant from NCSLMA to attend the American Association of School Libraries National Conference in Columbus, Ohio. 

Brandon graduated from the University of Mount Olive in 2005 with a BA in English and then East Carolina University in 2011 with an MLS. Before moving to Goldsboro High School, he worked at Wayne County Public Library for 10 years. He is a member of the ALA Emerging Leader class of 2011 and writes "Games, Gamers, and Gaming" for Library Journal. 

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Friday Faves: December 2015 edition

Happy Friday before a looong holiday break! As many of us use this time to recharge for the new year, we wanted to share some resources that members shared with NCSLMA for you to explore and consider using in 2016. 
The purpose of our monthly Friday Faves is to share member-submitted resources, articles, and ideas that you want to share with your librarian colleagues! Please use the link anytime to share something you've come across or use regularly - this blog is your opportunity to get your voice heard across the state!



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#NCSLMAChat 11/19/15

Thursday's #NCSLMAChat was amazing. We had lots of participants and the conversation was both passion filled and productive. We discussed advocacy and ways in which we can continue to promote what we do and tell our stories. We had two NC Librarian rockstars guest hosting, Jennifer LaGarde and Lauren Schultz who posed thought provoking and important questions. We thank them so much for taking their time to participate in our chat. We'd also like to thank all of the members (and those from other states!) who joined in. Our organization, and our profession, is only as strong as we are! 

In case you missed our second #NCSLMAChat this past Thursday, here's the archive via Storify.

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Twitter on Thursdays Preview 11/19/2015

In light of the article posted in Charlotte Observer, Are School Librarians Going the Way of the Milkman? (, we want to continue the conversation that has ignited passionate responses in our school library community.

On the flip side, Scholastic re-launched its School Libraries Work campaign, which provides stakeholders and the community-at-large with reports about the positive effects that licensed, full-time media specialists have on student achievement. Visit this link, to receive your report.

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Wildcard Wednesday

We're so excited to feature our first Wildcard Wednesday NCSLMA blog post! The idea behind this column is that one Wednesday a month, a NCSLMA board member will write a guest post on any topic of his or her choosing. This is a great way for members to get to know the board and offer feedback.

To celebrate one of the most awesome conferences yet, our first Wildcard Wednesday post will be a recap of #NCSLMA15 from our new President-Elect, Sedley Abercrombie! We can't stress enough how much we love Sedley and how appreciative we are for her putting together this awesome post! Please enjoy and feel free to submit comments on any future Wildcard Wednesday topics you would like to see board members write posts about. 

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Friday Faves - October 30, 2015

Welcome to our first Friday Faves post! We hope to get MORE submissions of some of the favorite resources BY members using them: articles, apps, blogs, websites, etc. It's as easy as going to, telling us the name of your resource, and why you like it. That's it! We will find a photo (if necessary) and do the grunt work of posting & promoting it. You don't have to wait until we call out for submissions on social media - the link to open for recommendations at any time! If you want to tweet or post on Facebook how you use one of these resources, we'll be sure to share with members so we can help you grow your PLN & gather new ideas.


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#NCSLMA15 Recap

The #NCSLMA15 conference was awesome! We had three days of learning, sharing and growing. The enthusiasm from the attendees was inspiring and contagious and bled through in every single session. Now it's time to go back to our schools and continue that feeling of empowerment by doing amazing things for our students and colleagues!

In case you missed some of the awesome tweets happening both Friday and Saturday, we've archived those through Storify. Click the links below to access each day's tweets!
Friday, Oct. 23rd #NCSLMA15 Tweet Archive 
Saturday, Oct. 24th #NCSLMA15 Tweet Archive

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Tuesday Trends - Augmented Reality

Welcome to Tuesday Trends! This monthly column will feature trends in librarianship and education, and, we hope, will feature how NCSLMA members are integrating these trends into their own libraries and schools. Our first Tuesday Trends post is all about augmented reality - an awesome, hands on technology that is both exciting and engaging.

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Twitter on Thursdays Preview for 9/24/2015

Our first Thursdays on Twitter post will give you some information about the upcoming NCSLMA conference in October. This post will preview the guests we have joining us for the chat, which will be next Thursday, September 24, and resources to make anyone new to Twitter more comfortable participating in the chat. Each time we host a Twitter chat, we will post helpful information about the theme the Thursday before the actual chat.

If you missed our last blog, please go back and get acquainted with your new NCSLMA social media co-chairs, Tavia Clark and Mollee Holloman. We are revamping the way members interact with NCSLMA through our blog and on Twitter. Be sure to follow @NCSLMA on Twitter before our 9/24 chat, and also @Tavia_Clark and @MolleeBranden.

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Media Monday - Meet Mollee and Tavia

Welcome everyone!

We are so excited to introduce ourselves as your new NCSLMA Social Media Chairs! We hope to bring some fun changes that will create a more participatory experience for all NCSLMA members! 

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