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Mug Your Supporters
an initiative of the Advocacy Committee of NCSLMA



The mug is our message!

The NCSLMA Media Programs Matter mug is a tool for communicating the essential role that media centers and media coordinators play in supporting teaching and learning. The design is based on the idea that media programs are central in promoting academic achievement, collaboration, reading, critical thinking, information skills, digital literacy, and many other areas critical to student success. The mug is intended to serve as a message to decision makers who are influential in impacting support for school media programs.

NCSLMA is encouraging members to purchase mugs at the NCSLMA Conference for $5.00 each and present them to school and district administrators, board members, legislators, and others who influence support for school media programs. In addition to “mugging” media program supporters, please take photos of mug presentations and email them to Becky Palgi at rdpalgi@mindspring.com. NCSLMA will add these to the advocacy web page to create a clearinghouse of “mug shots” of those who make decisions in support of school media programs.