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The UN-Doing of Dewey!

Susan Varner, School Library Media Coordinator at Wayne Avenue School in Harnett County, was the winner of the NCSLMA 2012 Action Research Grant.  This is the first of three posts on the subject of her research.

After years of enthusiastically teaching the Dewey Decimal System, (with limited success, may I add) I had an epiphany:  the time had come to UNDO Dewey!  I began to talk to students and teachers - what are you studying/teaching?  What do you really need students to know about x ?  What levels are you/your students reading?  How can I make it easy for you/your students to find books ? 

The information gleaned from these conversations led to the action research project that was funded by the NCSLMA Grant in 2012: 

MEETING  REAL REFERENCE NEEDS: Reorganization of traditional nonfiction and reference sections

The goals were as follows :

  1. Survey teachers to determine a topic to center research on.
  2. Create a sections of topic specific materials that will include : narrative fiction, nonfiction, traditional reference materials, periodicals, graphic novels, e-books, QR Codes to links - in  short, any available resource will be located in this area. Teachers will be able to access leveled book sets by topic as well. 
  3. Examine holdings to determine what is currently owned/what is needed.
  4. Purchase books on topic at every reading level
  5. Label books and other materials for easy reshelving
  6. Invest in signage to create visually appealing area.
  7. Create “sublocation” note in Destiny catalogue.
  8. Promote the library as a “1 stop shop” where students and teachers are able to access materials for research.
  9. Follow up the research with circulation statistics,  surveys, and anecdotal records  to determine if the reorganization was useful and should be continued throughout the library 

The results of this research will be presented at a concurrent session at the 2014 conference.
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Eleanor Falls - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Ideas on how to start

Eleanor Falls - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sounds wonderful and very time consuming

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