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A Closer Look at Leadership in the NC Professional Teaching Standards For School Library Media Coordinators

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The Professional Standards for NC School Library Media Coordinators are the foundation of our practice. As NC school library media coordinators, we can be confident that our practice is built on a solid foundation because our standards correlate with other standards and guidelines including AASL, ISTE, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, ALA/AASL Standards for Initial Preparation of School Librarians, CCSSO's Model Core Teaching Standards, NBPTS, the 2011 NC State School Technology Plan, IMPACT Guidelines, and State Board of Education priorities and policies.  Our first professional standard focuses on the school library media coordinator as a leader and expands our circle of influence from our library media programs to our schools and school communities. National and state research continues to demonstrate that school library media coordinators positively affect student achievement especially when we are strong leaders in our schools. School library media coordinator leadership activities particularly noted to impact student achievement include school library media coordinators regularly meeting with principals and faculty, collaborating with teachers to both plan and deliver instruction, and providing professional development for teachers (Lance).  As leaders in our school communities we are problem solvers, curriculum specialists, advocates, collaborators, instructors, technology experts, resource providers, and ethical models.  Although it is challenging to fulfill these leadership roles, as school library media coordinators we will meet that challenge because we know that our students’ success depends on our success.  

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Resources to Consult: 
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Additional Research Studies

-Posted by Kathy Parker, NCSLMA DPI Liaison and NCDPI School Library Media Consultant
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