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Book Competitions

sponsors the following programs for students, aimed at promoting a love of reading and familiarity with the best in literature for young people:

            • Battle of the Books (Elementary and Middle School)
            • The North Carolina Children's Book Award
            • The North Carolina Young Adult Book Award




Elementary Battle of the Books [s](E-BOB)

EBOB support is growing and the committee thanks everyone for the support.


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Middle School Battle of the Books

This program is for middle school students, grades 6-8. Students at participating schools read books from a list established by the state Battle of the Books committee, and then compete in quiz-bowl-style tournaments to test their knowledge of these books.

Congratulations to our 2013-14 Middle School Battle of the Books champion, Norwayne Middle School from Wayne County.  Second place went to Oak Grove Middle School from Davidson County, and third place was Lakeshore Middle School from Iredell County.  We would like to congratulate all 506 middle schools who participated this year and represented their schools so well at the local and regional levels.  Listed below are the winners of the nine regional competitions:

  • Region 1 - Riverside Middle, Martin County
  • Region 2 - Norwayne Middle, Wayne County
  • Region 3 - McGee’s Crossroads Middle, Johnston County
  • Region 4 - John Griffin Middle, Cumberland County
  • Region 5 - Oak Grove Middle, Davidson County
  • Region 6 - Cramerton Middle, Gaston County
  • Region 7 - Lakeshore Middle, Iredell-Statesville
  • Region 8 - Asheville Middle, Asheville City
  • Region 9 - The Burlington School, Independent

In addition to the NCSLMA Book Programs Committee, the Middle School Battle of the Books Committee would also like to thank our sponsors:  Follett School Solutions, PermaBound, Mackin, Battle Questions, My BOB Team, We Do Questions, JEB Designs, SEBCO Books and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Contact information for the
E-BOB Special Committee Co-Chairs:
Natalie Strange
& Reneé Gentry

Contact information for the Middle School BOB
Special Committee Chair:
Charlene Waller


North Carolina Children's Book Award

This program is sponsored by NCSLMA and the Children’s Services and School Librarian sections of the North Carolina Library Association.  To register for the NCCBA program and to access the Activity Booklet, please go to www.cmlibrary.org/bookhive/NCCBA.



NCSLMA Young Adult Book Award

The North Carolina Young Adult Book Award was started in 2008 to encourage reading at the middle and high school levels by involving students in the process of selecting and voting on the best books for their age group.  Studies consistently show that reading for pleasure begins to wane as children reach middle school age and the goal of this award is to get these kids interested in reading good, current books that appeal to their age level.   Each year the committee selects ten books for middle school readers and ten books for high school readers to make up their two NC YA Book Award lists.  Every book on the list is current fiction or nonfiction having been published within three years of the award year.  The titles are chosen from nominations submitted by students and media coordinators across the state. Throughout the school year, students are encouraged to read from the lists throughout the year and think critically about what they read.  Then, in March, they vote for their favorite book.  After tallying the student votes a winner is announced in April and the new book lists are published.   

NCSLMA YA Book Award Information
NCYA Book Award Website
Booklist for 2013-2014
Middle School Nominee Wix Site
High School Nominee LibGuide

Contact information for the NC Children's Book Award
Special Committee Chair:  
Lisa Foster England, fooster5@aol.com
Contact information for the NC YA Book Award
Special Committee Chair:
Robin Jordan, rejordan@gaston.k12.nc.us